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Company profiles

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GSCi provides comprehensive profiles for key companies involved in the logistics industry:

  • Logistics providers including:
    • Freight forwarders
    • 3PL’s
    • Express and last mile operators
    • Digital freight forwarders
  • Shipper case studies including:
    • Global manufacturers and retailers
    • Automotive manufacturers
  • Start-ups and disrupters
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Logistics providers profiles:

  • Access company rankings
  • Access contract data
  • Use sector data and forecasts to plan sales targets and revenue expectations by sector and geography.
  • Identify the major providers within each logistics market
  • Sort and rank these logistics providers by revenue, location, market
  • Analyse the technologies logistics companies are using
  • Assess the sustainability strategy for companies and their commitment to achieving net-zero
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Shipper profiles:

  • Sort and rank shippers by various key metrics including revenues, logistics spend, volumes, network, inventory levels
  • Build shortlists of sales targets
  • See shippers supply chain networks mapped across the globe and match these against their own network
  • Identify when certain contracts are coming up for renewal to target for sales
  • Understand shipper purchasing behaviour within each sector
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Start-up and disrupter profiles:

  • Identify potential technology providers as acquisition targets.
  • Understand emerging technologies and their benefit to you.
  • Develop your technological capabilities with expert advice.
  • Access case studies of technology implementation and the benefits they have brought.
  • Understand which technologies LSP’s offer and how they match your priorities.
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Types of user

Logistics Providers

Benchmark against your competitors or look for new strategic partnerships.


Understand the services LSP’s offer and assess if they match your priorities.


Analyse financial performance for your clients.


Assess M&A potential.

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