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Vertical Sector

GSCi’s vertical sector coverage helps you to determine your strategy with different customer groups and identify new opportunities for growth.

Comparison and analysis of key data for the pharmaceutical, high tech, CPG & automotive sectors, enabling users to understand the potential within these sectors and across different regions.

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It will allow you to:

  • Identify the size of the market for logistics services to serve different vertical sectors
  • Get forecasts to see the growth trajectory of different vertical sectors and subsectors and identify the ones with the highest growth potential
  • Get key data on the average margins by sector to see which are the most profitable and the most attractive
  • Get an understanding of the barriers to entry in terms of capital, regulations and expertise to move in to this sector
  • Get benchmarks for service levels within each sector
  • Understand variation of these factors for the top 50 countries
  • See contracts within the sector and understand average contract value and length
  • Understand the characteristics and standard practices for logistics contract within each sector
  • Get an overview of the key trends affecting logistics provision within each sector
  • Understand shipper purchasing behaviour within each sector
  • Understand key shipper purchasing criteria and pain points within the sector
  • Identify the major shippers (clients) within the sector (number of clients tbd)
  • See shippers supply chain networks mapped across the globe and match these against their own network
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Types of user

Logistics Providers

Determine your logistics service strategy for different customer groups.


Benchmark logistics sector growth.


Understand the potential growth for sectors across all regions.


Analyse trends and mitigate supply chain risk for your clients.

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